Thursday, 25 July 2013

Raspberry and disaronno trifle

I quickly made this dessert the other day, so apologies for lack of specific ingredients, its very easy and tastes great. It is abit of a twist on the traditional trifle but it went down well in my house so hopefully it will in yours too.

Serves 1 (but make as many as you like)
1 trifle sponge
Whipped double cream
Ready made custard

1. Cut the trifle sponge in half and fill with raspberries, sandwich back together and put in the bottom of a small bowl. Pour a couple of tablespoons of disaronno  on the sponge.
2. Pour the custard over the sponge until fully covered.
3. Spoon enough whipped cream over to cover the custard and place some more raspberries ontop to decorate.

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